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Laparoscopic surgery


Safe and easy to use, BYFix simplifies laparoscopic vascular procedures

The BYFix suture-less vascular anastomotic device and toolkit significantly enhance the Laparoscopic treatment of arterial aneurysms and occlusions.


BYFix mechanically connects any standard vascular graft to the patient’s blood vessel, allowing one-way movement to secure reliable and hermetic anastomosis.
The Benefits of BYFix for the Laparoscopic Procedure:
  • Enables simplified graft implantation and connection — BYFix replaces suturing, the most technically challenging part of laparoscopic vascular procedures
  • Shortens cross clamping time — decreases the risk of operative and post-operative complications as well as the length of ICU stay and hospitalization  
  • Eliminates long-term follow-up — BYFix does not require any special long-term follow-up or CT imaging
  • Reduces costs — compared to another minimally invasive procedures
  • Safe and reliable — creates leak-proof, migration-free and permanent anastomosis
  • Compatible with any standard vascular graft — BYFix suits all off-the-shelf grafts
  • Reduces blood loss — using BYFix reduces the volume of blood replacement in laparoscopic procedures by two units or more
Laparoscopic animal trial was performed by Dr. Jerome Cau in France
(Platform IBiSA Surgères (RP Hauet Thierry, head of department)