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In patients suffering from aneurysms, vascular occlusions and trauma of the blood vessel the artificial vascular prosthesis (vascular graft) is used to replace the damaged part of it. The common practice nowadays is manual suturing of the vascular prosthesis to the intended vessel by the vascular surgeon during the operation. This method requires high level of skill, depends from the dexterity of the surgeon and can take substantial amount of time. In order to perform the suturing there is an obvious need to interrupt the blood flow in intended vessel. The procedure is called "cross clamping". It means that during the suturing procedure the blood is not delivered to the part of the body below the clamp. In the case of abdominal aneurismal surgery there is no blood flow in the legs.

It increases risk of severe hypertension, myocardial infarction and ventricular dysrhythmias, while cross-clamp release can lead to hypotension, shock, metabolic acidosis, myocardial depression and acute renal failure. The longer the duration, the risk is more severe. Clamp time of more than 45 minutes is associated with significant risk of those complications.

The B.Y.Fix docking heads are long term implantable devices intended to be used to rapidly and permanently connect any standard vascular prostheses to any blood vessel with diameter more than 5mm.  The device is used for both elective and emergency treatments and in cases of large vessel trauma. The usage of the device significantly reduces the time of the surgical procedure .For the patient that means the shortening of the cross clamping time and the lower risk of developing complications related to it. Also the risk of insults is reduced because the shorter cross-clamping time requires less anti-coagulation agents.

Due to reduction of surgery time there is less risk for complications related to general anesthesia such as prolonged ventilation, lowering of the body temperature and exposure to the infections.

As the result of those advantages the stay in Intensive Care Unit and the total hospitalization period are reduced, leading to the quicker recovery and returning to the normal life.

The Famous Israeli Singer, Arik Einstein, died of ruptured aneurysm