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B.Y.Fix device and toolkits are used to safely and reliable connect any artificial, commercially available grafts to the blood vessel wall without the use of suturing. The device can be used with ePTFE and Dacron grafts with diameters between 5mm to 24mm.
The Indications for the use of the device include the treatment of:
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Aorto-Iliac Aneurysms
Peripheral arterial occlusions requiring bypass surgery
Large blood vessel trauma

Frequently asked questions:
Can the device perform properly and create a reliable anastomosis in calcified blood vessels?
The performed on the severe calcified aortas revealed reliable fixation of the device. In the live surgery it is necessary to remove the plaque like before suturing or to use BYFix device in the usual manner. The barbs of the device are sharp enough to penetrate the plaque.
What is the minimum length of the aneurysm neck required?
The 1.5 cm length is required for  successful insertion of the BYFix device.
How to prevent leakage during the operative procedure?
In the case when leakage is observed after the BYFix insertion, it is necessary to push the device slightly further without cross-clamp applied. The conic head of the device will distend the vessel's wall enough to stop the leakage. In the case of severely irregular surface of the vessel's wall sometimes it is necessary to apply the tacking suture on the vessel over the head of the device.
How is a leak proof and reliable anastomosis created?
The safe anastomosis is created due to exact measurement of the vessel's diameter prior the insertion of the BYFix, which allows fitting the device to the operated vessel. The conic shape of the head distends the vessel's walls and provides the tight contact between the device and the vessel. Additionally, the barb's design allows to fix the device into the optimal position without possibility of migration.
How long does it take to create an anastomosis using a BYFix device?
Usually it takes 3-5 minutes to measure the vessel's diameter, assemble the device with the appropriate graft and safely insert it.
Can the device be used in emergency procedures?

There is no difference from the point of the device's design to use it in the elective surgery or in the emergency situations

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